Rich Roberts, CEO, Slingo

speaking at Monetising Social Gaming at ICE Conferences 2013


How did you get into social gaming?

I was part of one of the original companies making social games for FB back in 2007

How long have you been in social gaming?

I have been in social games for 5 years but Slingo was the first social game back in 1996.  Yes, they do go back that far.

What exactly does your company do?

Slingo develops and publishes game content on all platforms including mobile, social, gambling and many other platforms.

What is your biggest challenge?

Consumer behaviours and platform changes.

What makes you standout and competitive on the market?

Slingo’s brand and customer loyalty and good will.

If you could change the world in one day – how would you do it?

Focus on the children and give them the ability to succeed so they can collectively make positive changes to the world they will inherit.