Konami Gaming, Inc.

585 Konami Circle Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, USA
+1 702 952 1541


Marketing Manager

Company Profile

Konami Gaming, Inc. is a complete gaming manufacturer in that it develops designs, manufactures, distributes, sells, and services innovative technology-based slot machines and a pioneering casino management system. KONAMI has introduced new game product that allows patrons to enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with its latest video cabinet Podium™ featuring a slim-line design, 360 degree lighting effects, and dual LCDs positioned on the same plain for dynamic viewing. All of the proven performing game titles from KONAMI’s extensive K2V™ video game library is available on the Podium™ cabinet. The Konami Casino Management System, KCMS, is a real-time, multi-site, relational database super computer and warehouse system.


Konami Gaming’s in panel LCD is capable of delivering limitless multi-media and streaming video application to casino patrons and can be customized to provide real-time services, such as, page a host or enable players to perform electronic funds transfers.


For more information about Konami Gaming, Inc. please visit www.gaming.konami.com


Konami Gaming introduced Beat the Field™ a horse race themed, 4-level linked, community play, and mystery progressive...