7-10 Song-Dodong
South Korea
Tovis is the Innovation trendsetter specialized in gaming, signage and kiosk. As a leading company in industrial and public information display for last 16years, Tovis is continuously breaths innovation life into the gaming industry especially with curved LCD and Button Deck display monitors.

Hong Yen Technologies

HYT is the trusted choice in ODM and OEM services. We have assembled a highly skilled professional team in the fields of industrial

Astrosystems Ltd

Based in the UK, Astrosystems Limited is the European regional office of Astrosys International, which specialises in the design,

eMerchantPay Ltd

…extend your reach Founded in 2002, eMerchantPay has a proven professional track record in online payment processing services.

BetStone Ltd

BetStone has led the way in delivering Server Based Gaming globally and is committed to creating exceptional value for its clients through